Notarial Copy of Documents - Apostille, Authenticationand Legalisation Service


A Notary Public in South-Africa have the authority to certify documents as true copies of the original document after he has compared the copies with the originals thereof. Such notarised copy can then in be apostilled or legalised depending on the destination country where the document will ultimately be used.


This is also practical when you want to keep possession of the original document or in instances where you need multiple copies of the same document legalised in a format acceptable to the foreign country. We charge a fee of R100 per notarised copy of a document.


We need to inspect the original document inter alia for signs of tampering (no exceptions. We print a notarial certificate on the copy, place a red notary seal on the document w hereafter the Notary will sign the notarial certificate after he satisfied himself as to the correctness. The process takes a few minutes. This a walk in service. To be safe contact us to check if the Notary is in the office.


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